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2018 Ireland InterGroup Convention, Co Wexford

Connections in Recovery
Building relationships with your higher power, families, loved ones and ourselves

The 2018 Ireland SA InterGroup Convention, on the theme of Connections in Recovery, will take place in Wexford on 16th, 17th and 18th of November.

Our InterGroup convention in November is always a welcome break from our day-to-day lives, and a wonderful opportunity to immerse ourselves in recovery and fellowship amidst the tranquility and stunning natural landscape of the retreat centre on the Wexford coast.

The convention opens with our first meeting at 7:30 pm on Friday and closes after 1:00 pm lunch on Sunday. Full details of the weekend schedule, prices and booking detrails are available in the convention brochure which you can get at you local SA meeting.

To secure your place at the convention, please complete and submit the 2018 InterGroup Convention Online Booking form.